Khary Payton’s Walking Dead King Ezekiel

Ezekiel has been confirmed for season 7 of the walking dead (Comic-com Trailer).

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Shiva will be a mixture of animatronics and CGI.

Actor Khary Payton added the following on playing King Ezekiel:

“It’s just another beautiful way that I get to use my imagination. As far as I’m concerned, Shiva’s as real as the people standing next to me — as Morgan or Carol or any of the other people who move among the Kingdom itself. So I really don’t think of it as CG or mechanic. All I know is that she’s real to me. I’ve done a lot of video games where there’s literally nothing standing in front of me. I’ve done, you know, a lot of voice-overs where there’s literally nothing standing in front of me, I’ve got to make it all up, so this is just another situation where my imagination gets to be used in another context, so no matter how good they bring it to life, it’s already alive in my head.”


For those who are not familiar with the comic book character, here’s somethings to sink your teeth into.



“Ezekiel, more commonly known as “King” Ezekiel, is a main character first encountered in Issue 108 of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead. He is the self-proclaimed “king” of a community called “The Kingdom”, the namesake of his own community. Ezekiel’s pet tiger’s name is Shiva. Ezekiel is a friend of the Hilltop Colony and a close friend to Paul Monroe. He also has a strong hatred for Negan and the Saviors, which caused Paul to bring Rick Grimes to him in the hopes of collaborating to defeat them.”

Ezekiel_DeathEzekiel’s run in the comics lasted 36 issues, from first appearance in issue 108 to his death in 144, where his decapitated head was put on a pike by Andrea.

Now AMC does follow the comic books to the “T”, as Andrea is already dead and gone, so who knows what lies in the future for our King Ezekiel of the Kingdom.