Preacher Season 2 Episode 3 Review.

Hey Cyberpunkers, here are some highlights and a review for Preacher season 2 episode 3 with comparison’s to the comic book/source material.

Season 1 of preacher didn’t exactly follow the comic book material to the T, but instead fleshed out the characters for the audience. Season looks to be slightly more in line with comics as we fine team preacher on the road in search for GOD.


We get to understand how Eugene became Arseface, which differs from the comics, in the show Eugene trying to talk, Tracy (his love interest), down from committing suicide.

Eugene almost gets it right but pushes Tracy over the edge by trying to steal a kiss from her.

Eugene, seeing no way out of this situation, attempts suicide as well.

In the comics Eugene and his friend decide to end their lives in the same manner as their hero (Kurt Cobain). Eugene is the lone survivor of the suicide attempt which brings him to have a new look on life.

Leaving Texas Scene

The Scene of team preacher leaving Texas is almost an exact replica of Preacher comic Issue #7’s last panel.

Herr Starr

Only being mentioned in season 1, we get an introduction in this episode to the big preacher villain Herr Starr.

Herr Starr is the leader of the grail, who has some really interesting plans for our Jesse Custer.

The Review

Episode 3 “Damsels” drags a bit, but we do get some insight into Eugene’s, and we get to an introduction to the big bad himself Herr Starr.

Here is the promo for episode four, titled “Viktor”.

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