Preacher Season 2 Episode 1 and 2 Review.

Hey Cyberpunkers and welcome back to our Preacher Series Talk Review. What we” be covering are some of the highlights of Preacher season 2 episode 1 and 2 with comparison’s to the comic book/source material.

Season 1 of preacher didn’t exactly follow the comic book material to the T, but instead fleshed out the characters for the audience. Season looks to be slightly more in line with comics as we fine team preacher on the road in search for GOD.

The Saint of killers

Saint has been tracking Jessi for some time and makes his move once team Preacher gets pulled over by the cops, were we get a taste of what the saint is capable of.

In the comics the saint was casted to hell where he became the angel of death, and has been tasked with retrieving Genesis.

The L’Angelles

Jesse teases his mother’s side of the family, The L’Angelles. as we the group moves closer towards New Orleans it’s good to assume that we will be introduced to the evil and twisted L’Angelles, as we see a swamp-themed aquarium behind Jesse while he thinks about his mother side of the family.


We haven’t forgotten you dear Arseface, poor Eugene is still trapped in hell and continues to be in Jesse’s mind.

The Review

Both Episode 1 and 2 are fairly entertaining, although there are some deviation to the comics, its still keeping true to the source material in terms of insanity.

Watch the promo for episode three, titled “Damsels”.

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